Digital Fist
What’s all this?

Digital Fist is currently based in Southampton, on the south coast of the UK, having been denied re-entry to the mothership. He has been spinning breakbeat, techno(/tech-house) and drum&bass for approximately 17 years, with occasional excursions into psytrance & various downtempo meanderings, while newly rediscovering production following a mysterious 13 year hiatus.

He has manifested at various clubs across the south coast of England, primarily in Brighton and Southampton (resident at Dropoutz), occasional remote forests, and a handful of small festivals, most recently Triplicity 2015 in Devon, where he opened the chill stage, and Deevstock 2017 in the Midlands, where he played twice on the alternative stage.


Digital Fist has been involved in multiple radio projects, both internet and terrestrial. He took over co-hosting and managing Southampton community radio station Voice 103.9 FM’s weekly late night techno show, Beyond Control, in the summer of 2016 and has been a regular contributor since its inception in 2013.

For three years, he maintained The Precipice, a fortnightly eclectic show on Brap.FM, until the advent of a more breaks-focused project on, entitled Synthetic Aperturewhich has recently stepped down to once a month.

Synthetic Aperture is broadcast 9pm-11pm (GMT/BST), every 1st Wednesday.
Beyond Control airs 11pm-1am every Saturday.


He cites as primary influences: Orbital, dub as both an aesthetic and an engineering technique, the mathematical underpinning of all reality, and a homeless guy called Keith he once found living in a park. Digital Fist also likes nice people, space exploration, and when a plan comes together.

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