Hail and welcome. After 12 years, I’ve finally got around to trying to cohere all my music, art, and writing projects into one place.

For the uninitiated, this is primarily an electronic music project I’ve been running since around 2000, but I also take photos of things and complain at considerable length about the state of the country/world. Like many of you, I’ve been scattering my efforts around the likes of Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere for some time, but eventually Zuckerburg is going to completely lose the plot or his censorship algorithms will become self-aware and I will be glad I made an effort to have a separate archive of my work. This is very much an ongoing process. Come and have a listen to the playlist below here and see what you think.

There will be writing and photography scattered about, and perhaps incursions into film. Regardless, thanks for coming along and your support is welcome. I hope you have a great day.

Digital Fist is a breakbeat, techno, drum&bass (and other genres) DJ, producer, and radio presenter, and photographer, currently based in Southampton, UK.

He cites as primary influences: Orbital, dub as both an aesthetic and an engineering technique, the mathematical underpinning of all reality, and a homeless guy called Keith he once found living in a park. Digital Fist also likes nice people, space exploration, and when a plan comes together.

These below are probably the best ten mixes I have online, across multiple genres: breakbeat, techno, drum&bass. I collated them recently for a friend who had been ill for some time. There are plenty more where these came from, but please click through to to Mixcloud, in the player below, and enjoy them in the meantime. It will open in a new window for you.

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