Just composed a 40min mix entirely of my own tunes

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Just composed a 40min mix entirely of my own tunes

This may not seem like a huge deal but it basically is to me. Anybody who has spent any time talking to me over the past year will have by now at least once heard the story about how I basically wiped the wrong HD during was what best described as a freak PC repair accident, and in doing so destroyed the entirety of my Ableton projects going back to October 2018. This is all the music I’ve written in over 3 years. Obviously, this has been emotionally devastating and difficult to get get my head back in the game, BUT it seems that it never occurred to me to check whether I could download some of what I had previously uploaded to Soundcloud, and neither did anybody mention this to either. Well, the upshot is I’ve retrieved what you might call an unfinished album worth of work (the majority of it breakbeat, techno, or house), and indeed while most of it was, is, and will remain demonstrably unfinished, I have still managed to gave together enough material to record a 40 minute DJ mix just now, composed ENTIRELY OF MUSIC I WROTE MYSELF. This is obviously a huge personal landmark for me and has filled me with inspiration, and I am welcome to share it with you. Onwards and upwards and let’s get some shit finished without destroying it first.

There is only one downside for which I feel I much apologise in advance – this has been the very same evening I’ve spent a good 3 hours or so actually reading the Traktor manual, and have consequently realised both hos the remix decks work, and also that I have a bunch of acapellas I didn’t know I had. So there will be very brief and occasionally transitory instances of out-of-time rapping, but also some Danny Dyer, JFK, and a guy who really hates Babylon.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/DigitalFist/entirely-of-my-own-construction-a-small-miracle/ width=100% height=400 light=1]

Thank you for sharing this major personal landmark with me.

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