Digital Fist has been involved in multiple broadcasting projects over the past decade, both internet and terrestrial. He was a regular contributor to the internationally-renowned, techno show Beyond Control, going out between 11pm-1am and later 10pm-12pm from its Southampton transmitter every single weekend since its inception in 2014 by Stu J, and in July 2016 he took over management and presenting duties alongside his ever-diligent colleague Wayne DJC.

However, please note that since late 2020 and the last time this website was updated, for “political reasons”, beyond our control, (pun not really intended), the show has no longer had any connection whatsoever with Southampton’s Voice 103.9 FM where it originated. See below.

Digital Fist (left) & Wayne DJC (right)

Fortunately however, the original station manager had the foresight to leave and set up an entirely new operation in Bournemouth.

This became Hot 102.8 FM (also broadcast on DAB) where Beyond Control continued to run concurrently with its Southampton counterpart for at least a year before, , eventually gravitating completely to its new home where it remains wildly successful and under the able control of Wayne DJC.

We have the utmost respect for him and many people underestimate simply how much dedication he puts both into his craft and simply organising things. He was for instance, the only person at the original station broadcasting live shows (from home) throughout the entire 1st Covid pandemic lockdown.

Huge thanks also obviously to Kev Scott for starting the station originally.

Digital Fist has since stepped down from frontline presenting for personal reasons, though he still plays frequent guest DJ spots on the show when possible. Wayne and he are deeply proud to have developed a show from the ground up which now has both DJs and fanatical listeners from within the range of the transmitter and from the other side of the planet, random examples of which include France, Bulgaria, Singapore, and the USA. Regrettably, the complete archive of all 7 years worth of shows is no longer available as it eventually became an untenable administrative task to reliably maintain two concurrent and separate weekly records alongside other unrelated work and study responsibilities, and for that he deeply apologises.

One of the happiest moments of my life was arranging this.

Digital Fist briefly secured an agreement to run a regular monthly associated Beyond Control techno event at Southampton’s former Dungeon Club in the summer of 2016, until the venue was unexpectedly closed suddenly, taken over by new management due to unavoidable events, and has subsequently become a shitty sports bar, a great loss in particular for Southampton’s rock and heavy metal scene, for which the venue was a key focus..

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable project for me, and I am thankful for the opportunities to work with everyone we’ve had in the studio. It has been a useful learning experience, which I may well return to at some point, and it will further help shape my own productions… of which more to follow.

Live on air.
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A random selection of flyers accumulated from the Southampton era spanning a period of around 7 years. Original artwork, graphics, and templates all by Stu J, and later updated and maintained by Digital Fist. We had a few big players through the gate, and you’ll notice more than a few international folks.

Prior to his FM radio adventures, he maintained an eclectic show on the now defunct BRAP.FM for 3 years until the advent of a more breakbeat and drum&bass focused project on the multi-award winning, entitled Synthetic Aperture, which ran for a further year. He still plays random guest spots as and when they become available, including on, and would be very interested in returning to active involvement in proper radio as soon as opportunities and general life circumstances align once again in a positive fashion. A small selection of some of Digital Fist’s shows from various shows are available on this site, but again we apologise for the loss of the huge Beyond Control archive. If you wish to contact the Beyond Control crew about promos or anything similar, it’s best currently to speak to Wayne DJC on Facebook or Twitter, @WayneDJC or via the comment box at the radio website.

Digital Fist also maintains a strong presence on both Soundcloud and Mixcloud, the latter containing more gig performances, while the former tends to feature his own production works in progress. You will also have luck with Facebook and to a much lesser extent, Twitter.